Beyond the Real Mind

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Beyond the Real Mind digs deeper beyond the surface of a murderer. This criminal book explores ulterior motives and underlying social and psychological implications surrounding different types of murders.

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De-Witt A. Herd

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De-Witt A. Herd, currently a case manager, is also a poetry and fiction writer. Apart from writing, he is also a chef specializing in gourmet dishes. He served the army for twenty years. He also has a bachelor’s degree in human services and a master’s degree in marriage, family, and child therapy.

Beyond the Real Mind

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The study of criminal behavior has been ongoing for several centuries. And the results have vastly changed, but with some similarity within the state or fact of the functioning of the mind. In the eighteenth century, it was well critiqued yet a common practice to experiment on convicted criminals. However, those who faced life imprisonment and/or the death penalty in Europe such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany had no rights.

Known psychology and psychiatric professionals had numerous prisoners to base their theory on the behavior of such criminal thinking, leading to their actions. Taking it further, these professionals within the higher renowned colleges/university studied and researched on deceased volunteers, meaning an average person or criminal (non-murderer), and examined their brain. The overall conclusion of an average brain is it’s considered “normal,” whereas the brain of a convicted murderer, thus serial killer, validates an abnormal probability. Moreover, experimental research continues through the nineteenth century journals studying further effects indicating behavioral functioning of an abnormal brain.

During the centuries, up to the early twentieth century, further conclusion that a person who kills without just cause or for enjoyment is insane and must be mentally institutionalized. Although, many in society and those who committed a violent crime believe, for the most part, that sentencing to a mental institution would be feasible compared to a life sentence or death penalty. However, little that society know and the convicted individual, it was better to accept a prison or death than to be placed in a mental institution.

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